pastor abuse

Investigations into allegations of pastor sexual abuse in Protestant churches have uncovered countless instances of sexual abuse across the country (1, 2). Reports indicate that over 200 Southern Baptist pastors, youth pastors, and deacons have been convicted or taken plea deals for sex crimes over the past two decades (3).  Historically, reports of abuse in evangelical institutions have been more isolated because Evangelical churches are largely independent of each other. However, the rise of social media and online reporting has started to uncover the extent of Pastor abuse. When the Twitter tag #ChurchToo started trending on Twitter back in 2017, more and more accounts of sexual abuse committed by pastors started coming to light, establishing a familiar pattern of downplaying abuse allegations reported by parents and families all the while continuing to allow accused predators access to children (4). These accounts of pastor abuse committed by trusted members of the religious community expose a pattern of institutional failures to investigate abuse allegations and expose predators who victimize children.

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